20th Anniversary Animation: Sonic the Comic- Running Wild (Preview)

Happy Birthday for Sonic! =D It´s been 20 years of fun with my favorite hero ever, Sonic appeared in the first time for me in 1991 when I was just 6 years old and then, I never stopped to like him and all characters of the series. And to celebrate this special moment, like I did 5 years ago (whoa, a lot of time. @_@), I did a new animation with better visual and resources. Received help from my pupils this time, from Cinossu/Marc Gordon of Sonic Retro, Tom Kempson and River Kanoff in music and voice acting. Since the beggining I planned to show this animation at Summer of Sonic, it was planned for it since the beggining, so, due it to be a Britain event, I wanted to make specially for people who lives on UK and Europe in general, so I choose to animate SONIC THE COMIC. The story chosen was the arc “Running Wild”, with help of my friend Adamis / Jean-François Thebé. I wish everybody enjoy it, was a hard work and it´ll be completed for sure. 😉 The final video must be about 8 to 9 minutes. Check for updates at yuski.deviantart.com Credits: Original Story Nigel Kitching Original art Richard Elson Animation Key Animator Felipe Marcantonio (xdragoon.com) (http Scenes based on Richard Elson´s art Inbetweeners Felipe Marcantonio (xdragoon.com) (http José Amorim Neto Pablo Alecsander Teles de Lima Helen Rodrigues de Matos Ingrid Fernandes de Matos Patrick Vicente da Silva Gustavo Daniel Grillo Clean-Up Felipe Marcantonio (xdragoon.com) (http Ingrid Fernandes de Matos Background

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