“A cobra eo vagalume”

Translation into English and the Cobra Vagalume It was once a snake that started to pursue a vagalume that only lived to shine. He’s afraid fugia fast and ferocious predator snake or thinking about quitting. He escaped one day and she does not quit, two days and nothing … On the third day, because without the vagalume forces stopped and said the charges: – Can I make three questions? – Not usually open to anyone above this but since I eat it you may ask … – Belong to the food chain? – No. – I did something? – No. – Why do you want me to eat? – WHY NOT SUPPORT SEE YOU BRIGHT … Think about it and select the people who to trust. Author Unknown 25/07/2009 #13 – Mais comentados (Hoje) – Instruções e estilo #86 – Mais vistos (Hoje) – Instruções e estilo #10 – Mais adotados como favoritos (Hoje) – Instruções e estilo #15 – Melhor avaliados (Hoje) – Instruções e estilo #54 – Melhor avaliados (esta semana) – Instruções e estilo
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