CONSCIENTIOLOGY – Realms of Consciousness (part 1 of 8)

Conscientiology & Projectiology presents: A TV series produced by IIPC, before the IAC, in 1999, that investigates issues related to Conscientiology and Projectiology. CONSCIENTIOLOGY: Is the science that researches the consciousness ou intelligent principle or essence and PROJECTIOLOGY is the science that studies the Out-of-Body Experience or astral travel. The series addresses issues such as: Do we have other bodies? Are there non-physical dimensions? Do we survive physical death? Have we had other lives? If so, what happens between lives? International Academy of Consciousness Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia http Centros de Altos Estudos da Conscienciologia IAC out of body experience psicossoma near death experience eqm journal of conscientiology nanci trivelato projetarium experimentation and research education courses parapsychic experiences portugal espana laboratories cosmoconsciousness, energetic self-control, holochakralogy, holokarma, intermissive course, intraconsciential recycling, macrosoma, multidimensional self-awareness neothosenes and original ideas, paratechnology retrocognitions universalism vibrational state waking physical immobility and the Projectarium Project Oasis Self-Experimentation and Consciential Laboratories multidimensional self-awareness holomaturity OBE iipc europe wagner alegretti nancy trivelato luiz minero astral projection oobe death self-research golden cord conviviality

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