Dead Soul Sister

Dead Soul Sister
soul sister
Image by id-iom
There I was getting on with a picture (which i’m sure you’ll see soon enough) when I heard was the sound of distant zombie drums. I tried using some artist grade gel medium that i found in a box to block out the sound but soon found to my dismay that it took about an hour to set. The drumming was getting louder and before i knew it I had the cans out and was spraying on the nearest wall i could find…

Sure enough the drums were, once again, forcing me to back to work. Not really sure what I was doing it ends up that i was channeling a dead soul sister from 1876 who forced me to paint her craven image on the wall. It’s funny how your day works out sometimes isn’t it…



Title: Dead Soul Sister
Media: Spraypaint and acrylic
Size: 2m x 1m approx