MA’ONDA (Bad Vibe) – Teaser #3: Online Game Junkies

Created by FHF & BC, MA’ONDA (Bad Vibe) is a TV and webseries, and soon to become a movie and a game. Near future, or yet unknown present. Two deleted friends, Eduardo and Filipe, fight over the love of a copy/paste girl. Their weapons are the everyday hi-tec objects: cell phones, mp3 players, desktop and laptop computers. In this world, people may attach themselves to e-mails and text messages so they can teleport through the web. It is possible to materialize objects and virtual realities with a simple download. Half the Earth exists in a digital form inside Upload, the virtual world where electronic documents have to pass through while traveling from one cell phone or computer to another. Eduardo and Filipe end up trapped inside Upload. The only chance to get out is through the software-entity keeper of the portal between the two worlds. The avatar of this entity is mysteriously similar to Lena, the girl the two friends are fighting about. Are they connected? Also shot in HDV, MA’ONDA is the first european series and second world wide shot by cell phone camera. It is also the first portuguese series ever selected to the INPUT Starring Eduardo Frazão Filipe Homem Fonseca Filipa Marcos Rui Simões Bruno Canas Camera Bruno Canas Rui Simões Filipe Homem Fonseca Editing BC & FHF Sound design Cristóvão Carvalho Post production Bruno Canas 3D Bruno Canas Diogo Pereira Written and Directed by Filipe Homem Fonseca & Bruno Canas Produced by Não Há Rebuçado Visit (c
Video Rating: 4 / 5