Sega Genesis Games#02 – Streets of Rage (Stage 8) (Part 1) HD NUS NLC

Welcome to the Final Stage of the awesome Streets of Rage (Mega Drive). Please observe the challenges: ||| HD (Hard Difficult) ||| ||| NUS (No Using Special) ||| ||| NLC (No Lose Continue) ||| My biggest objective here, is to make you aware or remind this great game, until now immortalized in the minds of “old” gamers. I’ll be glad a lot if you watch, rate and leave your comments! ||| Please Watch in High Quality ||| === Adittional Tags === Round 1: City Street (Rua da Cidade) / Round 2: Inner City (Subúrbio) / Round 3: Beachfront (Beira-mar) / Round 4: Bridge (Ponte) / Round 5: Aboard Ship (A Bordo do Navio) Round 6: Factory (Fábrica) / Round 7: Freight Elevator (Elevador de Frete) / Round 8: Syndicate Headquarters (QG do Sindicato) / Sega 1991 1/2 players 2D Axel Stone, Adam Hunter e Blaze Fielding.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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