The Ghost cinema

The Ghost cinema
Image by phill.d
The silent, empty Wakefield A.B.C cinema will never show a film to a packed house again. Every thing is still in place since it closed 11years ago.

It was on a later visit that this very strange thing happened in this cinema.

A late night in Wakefield saw me revisit the abandoned A.B.C cinema so my fellow explorers could capture the place before demolition. After getting filthy and stinking in Stanley Royd chapel, we headed for the nearest subway for a good wash up, food and drink. Suitably refreshed we headed for the cinema. I’d been here on an earlier visit and didn’t need many shots. I decided to make myself comfortable on the stage and have a good sleep while the others did there thing. As my companions left the auditorium the heavy fire door banged behind them, the stressed out pigeons settled down for the night and silence once again returned to the dark empty cinema. Wakefield Cathedral had just chimed midnight and I was feeling tired. Nicely nodding off I was rudely awakened by my mobile phone sometime later, It was one of my companions in a hushed voice telling me we were not in here alone. They had been hearing voices, footsteps and the sound of someone wading through the flood water. Can you see where we are? Several morse code flicks of the torch light indicated they were high up in the projection room. The door seems to be held shut by someone on the other side and we can’t get out. I was then asked if I could go to there rescue. Off I set on my own navigating the dark eerie corridors and stairs of the cinema to rescue my 3 friends, hoping not to meet this phantom explorer on the way. Thankfully I never met him. My companions were visibly shaken by the experience when I arrived. We never heard the phantom again that night, but it’s these kind of things that make urbex dam scary at times but also lots of fun.

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