Village Cinema

Village Cinema
Image by Lost Tulsa
Village Cinemas I & II.
40 S. Garnett Road

Built in 1968, The Village Cinema was converted to a General Cinema in the early 1970s when Alex Blue sold it to GCC. The theater became a second-run dollar house in the late 80’s, then finally shut down in the early 90’s. It served for a period of time as a Corvette parts/service shop. It has recently (late-’08) been completely renovated and converted into a Mexican bakery (panaderia). The only indication that this building was ever a movie theater is the signage on the back of them building…"Cinema I & II".

This was THE place to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show during the early ’80s. Always the most active participants and crazy costumes. The large theaters had stages in front, where participants would join up to dance and re-create the different scenes of the movie.

Tulsa TV Memories visitor Wilhelm Murg remembers: "Back in the glory days in the early 1980s at the Village Theatre, the concept was not to watch the show, it was more of a way to take over a theatre, usually with a 65 year old police officer working as security (goofing off until his retirement), attempting to control 300 stoned teenagers – it was the Tulsa version of Altamont!"

Ah, yes…good times.

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